The culture at
Pel-State is the difference.

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Everywhere you look, companies are basically the same. They do good work, they hire good people, and they try to make a living.

At Pel-State, we’re not the same. In fact, nothing about us is the same as anyone in our industry. We do great work, we hire great people, and we try to make our business great for our customers and ourselves.

We are unique in the fact that we never stop improving. We’re definitely not perfect, but when it comes to what we do, we are the best and we care more than anyone else. We work with great companies, and our expectation is that while our competitors may be vendors, we’re your company’s solutions partner. We service the roughest, most extreme environments, and we go places that no other fueling company has gone before. Learn more about us, and let us help you by putting us to work to solve problems and increase efficiencies for your business.

Oil Services Company That Works


Pel-State is the premier provider in quality fueling services for frac sites.


Pel-State has been the leader in fuel solutions for specialized applications.


Commercial operations in today’s business climate cannot suffer down time, or inefficiency.


Pel-State Services has grown to encompass stores of various brands like Chevron that span Northwest Louisiana.

The Culture at Pel-State is the difference